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Chile is the longest and most narrow stretch of land in the southern hemisphere, where the magic of nature blends with the rustic local cultures. Chile has no geographic equal in all the world, it is home to majestic mountains, an extensive coastline, sublime lakes and lagoons, an arid desert that occasionally concedes a burgeon of color, numerous active volcanoes, noble glaciers, and exotic islands decorated with an exuberance of flora and fauna.


Cocha Incoming is probably the most experienced DMC in the market with over 25 years of history. As an integral part of Turismo Cocha, Chiles largest travel group, Cocha Incoming is your perfect partner in South America. Whether you are looking for FIT, MICE, Cruises, Leisure Groups or Niche products, the specialist teams at Cocha Incoming will custom build products and services that suit your markets like a glove giving you instantly the power to sell, knowing that your clients are our guests.

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At your fingertips!

Here you will find a directory of many of our hotels and lodging establishments along with descriptions and characteristics. This will help you to find exactly the right place to recommend for your clients.




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What can I see?

It would be impossible to detail here all the wonders that Chile offers.


But what we have done is create a space where you can see the top places that our country has to offer.



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Will I find what I am looking for?

Every individual looks for their own way to make their trip special: relax, adrenaline, romance or culture. What should I offer? Here we give you some good tips and advice.



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That’s what I want!

Custom built itineraries, so varied and diverse, but all of them encompass the magic that Chile has to offer: the heat of the desert, the fruity taste of the wine, the smell of nature and the softness of the rain. Here you will find a few samples of our wonderful itineraries.


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